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WaterProof Stainless Steel Kitchen

Using Stainless Steel AISI 304 and PU (Polyurethane Foam Sheet) which are water proof materials and can withstand heavy duty usage to manufacture down cabinet.   Water proof kitchen eliminates the worries of termites and bacteria by providing a hygienic kitchen for preparing healthy meal for family.  Stainless steel are hygienic, easy to clean, rust free and durable.  

High Quality Fittings and Accessories

To ensure the quality of functionality of kitchen, GIO use high quality fittings and accessories from well known brands. 

LED Light System

GIO imports LED light system from L&S (Italy) which is the leading company in furniture LED system.  Various models of LED and functions creates different lighting ambiance.   


Gio offers the best counter top choices Ceramic, Quarts and Solid Surface.  To ensure the quality of fabrication and installation, starting from material, Gio imports the materials from high quality brands. Using in house fabrication and installation with best skilled employees to ensure the quality of installed counter top.  

Door Choices

GIO offers the most variety of door choices to suit every customer's dream kitchen.  Ultra Hi Glossy Crystal Acrylic Door, Matt Door Finishing, Wood Grain Veneer, to Glass Doors.  Every door are made with the highest quality materials and machines imported from Germany.  

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